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New York

Those Who Nose

New York



Welcome to Those Who Nose, a mini-series of dog-friendly city guides, kindly curated by special guests from around the globe.

This month, Mungo & Maud invites illustrator Angelica Hicks & her adorable dog Bambi to share their favourite spots in New York. 

Bambi excited for the day ahead

Tompkins Square Park
East 10th Street, New York, 10009 

Tompkins Square Park is the first & oldest dog run park in New York City, it was created in 1834. The park hosts many performances that you can enjoy while on your walk... just remember to keep one eye on your dog!

Tempting treats at Boris & Horton

Boris & Horton
195 Avenue A, New York, 10009 

Boris & Horton is a dog-friendly coffee shop that holds daily events & activities in the heart of the East Village. Take a peek at their latest ‘What A Week’ schedule on Instagram to discover unique workshops & meetups.

Finding fruit at Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket 
East 17th Street, Union Square W, New York, 10003

This is a lovely food market where regional farmers, bakers & artisans sell their produce… it's sometimes a little too tempting for Bambi!

A well-earned break at Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park, New York, 10012 

Last but not least, the iconic Greenwich Village’s Park, Washington Square. The park has both a large and a small dog run… which Bambi greatly appreciates.


Thank you to Angelica Hicks & Bambi for sharing their favourite spots.

Discover the illustrations of Angelica Hicks on Instagram.

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Bambi wears Mungo & Maud Cable Cashmere Pullover, Olive & Amalfi Collar & Lead, Iris/Navy/Cloud.


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